The mark we leave on this world


The picture above is a small slice of Kansas, about 200x100 miles, about 20,000 square miles.

If it looks jagged and artificial, it's because it is: every little square you see is a crop field. There are maybe 50,000 in this picture. But the number is not what interests me. What interests me is the sheer ubiquity of our presence.

Have you ever flown in an airplane over the Midwest? And looked out the window? The mark we leave stretches out into infinity. Think about how much we have built in this world. Six thousand million of us building, building, building....

In millenia past, man was a mote upon this globe. We huddled together in our little shelters against the unfathomable elements, vast and daunting. But man had ambition.

No-one could pin-point when it happened, but it did. We became something more than just a mote upon a world. We became gods, but only of our own mote.


Man has ambition. Some day, we are going to put down the spade and look straight up. And when that happens, the universe will change forever.