Thoughts on improving The Force Awakens

It's been a month, and I've seen The Force Awakens 6 times now, so I have a couple suggestions for when they Lucas-ize and re-edit the movie:

Other than that... after 6 viewings, I have a very positive opinion of The Force Awakens. I think people are forgetting a lot of the stilted dialogue, bad acting, and weird plot choices of the original trilogy - seriously, the plot of RotJ is such a fragmented mess, Billy Dee Williams is a shit actor, Alec Guiness has terrible dialogue. The new movie basically has all the strengths of the original trilogy, plus decent writing, and good actors. A lot is going to depend on where they go with episode 8 and 9, but if those movie maintain a similar level of quality, they will enhance the Force Awakens. If they suck, then a lot of the weaknesses of Ep7 will be exacerbated. I'm more optimistic than ever that the New Trilogy will be the best of the three, but we're not out of the woods yet...